Core Values and their Simple Translations

1. Faith is a WHOLE-LIFE JOURNEY that is better shared TOGETHER.

Walking alone –Bad... Journey together –Good. 

2. Engaging in the EVERYDAY LIFE of our neighbors and community builds friendships, trust, and truly makes a church a community church. 

Sundays only –Bad... 24-7 faith –Good. 

3. SIMPLICITY in programs, structures, and life creates space, time, and clarity. 

Suffocating pace –Bad... Breathing room –Good.


4. GENEROSITY in all things breaks selfishness and reveals God’s abundance. 

Clenched fists –Bad... Open hands –Good. 

5. CREATIVITY and INNOVATION are reflections of God’s spirit at work. 

Same old, same old –Bad... Surprises –Good. 

6. JUSTICE requires the church to stand with the weak, the poor, the voiceless. 

“The Man” –Bad... Sticking it to “the man” –Good. 

7. A healthy church keeps GROWING through individual life-change, support of other ministries, and starting new churches. 

Lifeless church –Bad... Life-multiplying church –Good. 

8. Spiritual depth is best measured by ACTION, not knowledge. 

Just knowing –Bad... Actually doing –Good. 

9. EVERYONE CONTRIBUTES their time, unique abilities, personal resources, and belongings to fulfill our common purpose. 

Spectator –Bad... Player –Good. 

10. Being on mission with each other is FUN. 

Boring –Bad... Laughter –Good. 

Statement of Beliefs: Click Here

ONE's faith heritage grows out of the Church of God (Anderson, IN), a movement of churches seeking unity and holiness among all followers of Christ.